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In 1934, down in the Southmost area of Brownsville, Texas, was a man by the name of Manuel Lopez Sr. who decided to start a grocery business out of a small thatch roof located right next to his home. In 1949, he later decided to share his growing business with his sons Manuel Jr. and Felipe Lopez and bought out a location at the crossroads on East 14th and Ringgold Street. Together they owned the first Lopez Supermarket. Four years later, Manuel later decided to sell that store to his son Felipe and together he and his wife Tomasa ran the store.  This store was Lopez Supermarket #1. Felipe, also well known as Pipo, decided to open Lopez Supermarket #2. This location was managed by Pipo’s son Arturo Lopez. Felipe passed away in 1973 and his wife Tomasa took over his title as president and ran the corporation with her family. They managed to expand their growing business and acquired three more supermarkets.  

Mr. Arturo Lopez

 Mr. Arturo Lopez established his own grocery business in April 1995 located on the intersection of International and Roosevelt Street. This supermarket is known as A&V Lopez Supermarket, “A” representing Arturo and “V” representing Vangie, Arturo’s wife. Together, they ran the store until Mr. Arturo’s passing in 1996. His wife Mrs. Vangie Lopez took his place as President and ran the corporation with the help of her children. In June of 1999, a second location opened in Los Fresnos, Texas and in 2002 three more locations were acquired in the Brownsville area. Today, A&V Lopez Supermarket has flourished into a respected store that local communities love to shop at. Together, Mrs. Evangelina Lopez, her daughter Norma Lopez Leal, and her son Alfredo Rolando Lopez run 7 stores spread out the lower valley.  

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